The beginning of journey.




I want to welcome everyone that is interested in this topic. Today I want to make my first post and say little bit about who am I and what Im going to write about.

My name is Jake and Im studying Environmental Technology at Silesian Polytechnical Institute in Poland. My course is more about technology rather than protecting the environment, but what is making me publish this blog is so popular these days green power in media, press, politics and business world. People are being fed with fake theories that are sometimes close to being true but much more likely are being totally full of untrue information.

I have lots of ideas about what Ill write in here, some of you may find interests in business topics others in pure ecological articles and even some of you in my personal opinions on products and technologies that tends to make our planet healthier place.

Expect first big post on this blog in next 24 hours and I will provide you with quality information, bit of humor and a lot of true facts.

As the title of blog says, I will analyze the true color of topic, weather its leaning towards green color of nature or green color of dollar.

Stay green, but not too green.